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4 Month Course Extension is a Course

4 Month Course Extension


$50 Enroll

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This 4 month extension is only available one time. Due to regulations you can only take a MAXIMUM OF 1 YEAR to complete the course which includes finishing the course material and passing the course final proctored exam. 

We recommend finishing as quickly as possible. If you DO NOT COMPLETE THE COURSE IN ONE YEAR, essentially you will need to begin the course over from scratch. If that becomes necessary, we do have a special tuition rate of half off for our students, (we're the only real estate school to offer that type of discount) but we hope you can finish as quickly as possible because in addition to saving money it gives you the best opportunity to successfully pass the real estate exam. 

Once you pass our final exam, we issue a completion certificate and that credit is good indefinitely so technically you don't also have to take the actual PSI Kentucky Real Estate exam within the 1 year, but we highly recommend taking it within a few weeks of finishing the course.